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15 Powerful SEO Plugins Guaranteed To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

15 Powerful SEO Plugins Guaranteed To Increase Your Site’s Traffic

Admit it. Building an SEO powerhouse site is not easy. It needs investment. And if you are lucky you may need to invest in an agency to do it for you. Top internet marketers and gurus will tell you that. It is the reason why beginning bloggers and webmasters give up.

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And they are right to give up.

Let’s be honest, SEO is a puzzle. Knowing how to write the best content is half the battle.

But what if there is a better way to make it easier.

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A way that removes all barriers of SEO.  A way that will let you drive traffic without spending money on SEO agencies.

Do you want to know how?

This article reviews 15 powerful SEO Plugins that will increase your site’s traffic.

1: Discover What Marketers Are Using Now Apart From Yoast

If you have been on the internet lately searching for SEO tools, then you will know how WordPress by Yoast plugin is one of the best SEO plugins available on the market. It’s also what I use for this blog and I recommend it highly.

The question is…

What other plugins are top marketers and gurus using to scale their SEO performance?

I bet you they are using Squirrely SEO plugin. Squirrely is  a cutting edge tool that optimizes for both human and search engine bots. It’s been branded as the SEO plugin for “NON-SEO EXPERTS”

Here is how Squirrely SEO plugin makes the SEO process painless

  • Every single week Squirrely generates an in-depth audit of your site. Giving you insight on how you are doing and your content marketing analysis.
  • It serves you with better keyword search suggestions. It does this by checking for the most discussed topics on Quora, Twitter, and other popular online forums. Besides this, it also tells you what people are doing to rank for these topics.
  • It has a Live SEO Assistant that does basic on page SEO. Things like keyword in the title, the best character length of the title, the keyword used in the first sentence.
  • It also gives you an analysis of the best-performing articles. One thing that you may need to remember is that lots of green shows that you are doing fine.

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2: WordPress Rank Tracker Plugin: Know Where You Stand In SERP

Writing and posting content on your site is not the end. You must know how your content performs.

In short, you need a thorough analysis of what works and then duplicate the whole process.

[Tweet “Writing and posting content on your site is not the end. You must know how your content performs.”]

WordPress Rank Tracker Plugin searches for the pages of your site on Google to find out where you rank. Are you on page 1 or page 50?

WordPress rank tracker plugin gives you this report after every 3 days by default.

3: SEO Friendly Images: Get Your Foot In Google Image Search

Has this ever happened to you?

You have like 10 images that you want to upload to your site, and you also have to optimize each and every image for SEO? Now, what about if you had 100 images? This process can become tiresome.

To solve this problem, you can use the SEO Friendly Image Plugin.

SEO Friendly Images plugin removes the manual process of putting a title or ALT tag on a picture.

It does this by automating the whole process, thereby optimizing your images for traffic. It also lets your images show up in the search results of Google Image Search.

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4: The #1 Plugin Built For Thorough On-Page SEO Analysis.

SEOPressor Connect is a tool that was designed to improve your on-page SEO. For each article that you will publish, it will give you a real-time score.

It will also help you stay away from things like keyword stuffing and plagiarism issues.

SEOPress connect and automatically decorates your keywords. It does this by placing your most relevant keywords in bold, italics, underlined and H1 tags.

SEOPress connect plugin also searches for Latent Semantic Indexing keywords.

What are LSI keywords?

These are keywords closely related to your primary keywords. Let say they are synonyms for your keyword. As Google search algorithm changes so is the need to use LSI keywords to increase your organic traffic.

Apart from LSI keywords, it comes with rich snippets. The purpose of snippets is to get the attention of visitors to click on your post rather than other posts.

5: AuthorSure Plugin: How It Affects Your Content Ranking

When you publish a blog post, Google wants to know if you are the owner of that content.

So if you can verify the ownership of your content, Google then marks it as quality.

Content that has been verified by the owner gets a higher ranking on Google. To get your content ranking higher in Google, you need to use AuthorSure in your WordPress site.

Content that has been verified by the owner gets a higher ranking on Google.

6: Nelio A/B Testing Plugin: Discover Winning Conversions For Your Site

The marketers that make the most money on the internet, are the ones that do split-testing.

They split-test everything to get the right conversions for their sites. Most newbies into the web marketing never do split-testing for their product. That explains why they are always lagging behind and not growing.

Let me give you a short example.

Tim Ferris, author of “4-Hour Week”, (Btw…Awesome book if you haven’t read it I will leave a link below for you so that you can grab one ASAP) did lots of multi-variety testing to discover the best title of his best-selling book.

The Nelio A/B testing plugin does 6 kinds of tests to improve the conversions for your site:

  • Split Testing Headline. This feature enables you to discover titles of posts that will get the most clicks.
  • Split Testing Post. This feature will help you determine if simple tweaks in your content could make a difference in conversion.
  • Split Testing Themes. Are you confused between choosing theme A or B.  This test makes you decide if a choice of a particular theme will lead to better conversion?
  • Split Testing Pages. Do you want to make changes in your layout in individual pages of your sites? This test tells you if certain tweaks and modifications will make a difference.
  • Split Testing Widgets. Would like to change or add widgets to your posts. This test will give you information if making any change can make a difference
  • Split Testing CSS. You know that changes of your link colour and other CSS settings could increase conversion.

7: WP Touch Plugin: Shows You How To Get Mobile Visitors

1/4 of the world populations access the internet from their mobile phones. If your website isn’t mobile responsive, then you are leaving another medium source of traffic behind.

To begin, you will need to ensure that your current theme is mobile friendly.You can run a simple test on MobileTest.Me.

Select the smartphone devices that you want to check your site and type the URL of your site into the search box and click the go button.

If your site passes the mobile test challenge then it is responsive.

The WP Touch plugin makes your site responsive across popular devices such as HTC, Nokia and Samsung.

8: Call To Action Plugin That Creates Beautiful Buttons In Seconds.

When your visitors have finished reading your content, you should always guide them on what to do. Whether it’s subscribing to your email list or signing up for your trial offer.

The MaxButton plugin is the most used call to action plugin by most marketers.

It not only creates a beautiful button, but it also does split testing to give you stats on what is working inorder to increase your conversion.

The MaxButton also comes with pre-made button editor that is user- friendly for you.

9: Zedity Plugin: The Landing Page Plugin

The primary goal of any landing page is to convert cold traffic to subscribers. They are designed to close the deal by persuading the visitors to sign up or take a trial offer.

[Tweet “The primary goal of any landing page is to convert cold traffic to subscribers.”]

There is no better plugin that does this than Zedity plugin. It was purely developed for this purpose.

It is so friendly that you can create any landing pages without any coding skills. So if you are a newbie, and you are not tech savvy, this tool will simplify your life.

10: BrowserStack Plugin

Have you ever wondered whether your site is compatible with other 700 available browsers?

You can lose lots of traffic if it happens that your site is compatible with only Google Chrome and Bing.

That is why BrowserStack plugin takes all this guessing out of the equation and shows you how your site looks in various browsers.

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11: Thrive Content Builder

The standard WordPress editor was designed to publish simple blog posts.

And if you were to use the editor to create let say buttons and other layouts. You will need to add short codes for that. Which will leave you even more confused!

Now, let’s get to other editors.

With so many editors coming around to solve this problem, nothing beats Thrive Content Builder Plugin.

Other plugin editors will let you make the changes in the back-end, then load and preview how your content will look. Thrive content builder plugin is a drag and drop plugin. You don’t have to load and preview content.

Secondly, Thrive Content Builder Plugin lets you create animated blog post, sticky content and tantalizing call to actions.

12: SEO Smart Link: Easy Way Slashing Bounce Rate

Internal link building is necessary if you want to reduce bounce rate. But, what if you have 100+ posts on your pages, and you want to link them. The manual process of finding what relevant post to link to becomes tedious.

SEO smart link solves this problem for you.

It automatically finds the most relevant content that you can link your post. Even if you have 100 or 200 blog posts. This, in turn, will save you time.

Additionally, it has its inbuilt caching plugins to make sure that your pages do not slow down. If you are a new blogger and you know nothing about internal linking, this tool can help you rank better for keywords.

Internal link building is necessary if you want to reduce bounce rate.”

13: Simple Reach Slide Plugin: This Plugin Keeps Your Visitors Longer

Have you ever visited a site and after reading it you are shown a sliding box so that you can read the next article? Would you like to know what plugin that is?

It is the Simple Reach Slide Plugin.

As simple as it is, its developers say that once you install this plugin, you can get 8% click-through rate for your post.

The aim of this plugin is to display a sliding box at the bottom right-hand side of your pages to promote other posts.

To use this plugin, you need to go to Simple Reach and sign up. After you are done, you will get an API and Publishing key to keeping on your site.

Additionally, it also gives you a report on how each slide is performing. Making it the perfect for bloggers who love split testing.

14: A Pro Chat Plugin-Better Way To Interact With Your Audience

If you want to take your online business to the next level, you need to have a Chat Plugin.

A chat plugin will serve you in 3 ways:

  • It will let people get information immediately instead of having to send emails
  • People will have a chance to ask you questions that they can’t find answers
  • It will make you build a better relationship with your visitors and audiences

If you are having a local business, installing Pro Chat Plugin will increase sales of your product or services.

Ultimately for you to have an efficient chat system for your business, you will need to hire a virtual assistant or a customer care representative.

15: MaxCDN Plugin: Faster Load Times

If you head over to Amazon right now, the site loads in 30mili seconds. I bet you your site holds fewer products, but it loads in 5 seconds.

If you are promoting products with a slow site, you are losing customers and its high time you, integrate MaxCDN Plugin to your site. Doing this will improve your site load time, increase your Google ranking and conversions.

Doing this will improve your site load time, increase your Google ranking and conversions.

Over To You

I hope that these 15 plugins will enhance your site’s performance and give you a better ranking.

Having said that, you don’t have to install them at once. However, you can choose and add each one after 3 or 6 months. One thing you need to know is that having a plugin isn’t all. You need to know, how to use them to scale your SEO effort.

One thing you need to know is that having an SEO plugin installed on your website is only a fraction of the job. You need to know, how to use them in order to help you scale your SEO effort.

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