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How To Search For Plugins On A WordPress Website

How To Search For Plugins On A WordPress Website


You have your eye on this really cool website that you stumbled upon on the internet, you love the colors, structure, design, widget placements and now you have ideas of your own on what you can add to your website or websites (if you’re a developer). If you design and develop websites knowing how to secretly know which plugins another website uses can be a life saver or a dream come true. Plus you really don’t need to be tech savvy to do this, it a pretty cool trick to have up your sleeve. It’s fast and really simple. Ready? Here goes:


Go to the website of your choice.


Right Click anywhere on the Page


Select “View Page Source”


Go to your browsers list and select “Find”


Type In “Plugins” and press Enter,

Finally search through the plugins and note them all down on a piece of paper.

And that’s it!



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