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4 Ways Your Sales Team Can Utilize Live Chat To Capture Leads

4 Ways Your Sales Team Can Utilize Live Chat To Capture Leads

Not many years ago, the key goal of every online store, or any website in general, was to generate more traffic.

Everything was about good click through rates and low bounce rates.

But, things have changed now.

Currently, websites are not only eyeing to drive traffic but also wants to share engaging content, obtain relevant information about the online visitors, capture leads and ultimately increase the conversion rate.

In other words, it isn’t easy to have a successful online store nowadays than it used to be a decade ago.

Since the demand engaging content and generating relevant leads have gone up significantly, so has the emergence of tools that make this job somewhat easier.

One such tool is live chat, and in this article, we will discuss how your sales team can utilize it for capturing leads.

Chat Conversation

According to Forrester Research, 44% of online customers prefer a website that has a salesperson who can answer their questions via live chat and consider it as an important feature.

This to an extent proves that live chat is an amazing tool because it makes your team instantly accessible and instills a greater sense of security with your customers.

Your salesperson might not even have to put on a presentation and list out all of the available products and special offers.

In fact, many times, simply answering questions and providing the customer with a product that meets their needs will be enough to make a sale.

In order for this to work, you will need to have a well-trained customer support team with a good insight into everything your store offers.

Many online shoppers will know that they should turn to you for help but won’t know where to look for the solution to their problem.

So, having someone who understands customer needs and the product will help you increase your sales by simply chatting via live chat.

Another way to increase conversion is to collect information and to ascertain if there are quality prospects you can tap into.

If your salesperson ascertains that the visitor is a prospect, they can divert them through the sales funnel.

This is done by giving users a call to action that incentivizes them to sign up for your updates, like a newsletter, or by allowing them to download an e-book, etc.

Email Capture

In order for the chat to be truly effective, it means that someone is constantly available to revert to queries.

However, you will have customers from all across the world when you are in charge of an e-commerce shop and due to different time zones, it is not possible to have someone who simply sits and waits for potential leads 24/7.

Luckily, you do not need to be available all round the clock because with live chat you can store the chat messages offline even while you are not present.

Basically, your live chat can capture leads on its own, as it can provide you with a list of emails of potential buyers.

Another really good reason why live chat assumes relevance is the flexibility it offers.

You have seen how it can basically switch to auto-pilot and gather emails, but it also allows you to communicate with users ‘on the go’.

Usually, live chat has apps which can be installed on your Android or iOS devices.

You will receive a notification when someone is trying to reach you and you can start the conversation even while on the move.

Social Media Inclusion

If you want to generate more leads, then you need to see just how much hype you can create online, or on social networks, to be more specific.

It would be wise to reach out to people who are actually discussing your product, yet never visited your website somehow.

By searching for the right hashtags or simply using search features to find out how many people mentioned your brand or product, you can discover a whole new base of potential customers who can be tapped.

Also, instead of limiting your conversation to 140 characters, you can Tweet the link to your live chat, where a more meaningful interaction can be achieved.

These links can also be embedded on your social media profiles or included in your emails if you want to increase interaction with your users.

Word Of Mouth Referrals

You might be wondering how can live chat count as a word of mouth referral?

Well, you are right, it doesn’t.

However, live chat can actually trigger word of mouth referrals, which is still the most potent form of marketing, and for conversion.

People trust the opinion shared by friends, family members and they will refer you if you give them emotional stimuli.

In order to inspire your customers to refer you, they must have a positive shopping experience, which can be achieved via live chat conversations.

If they have an insightful conversation with your support team, they will tell their friends about it.


To sum up, getting a live chat software for your website should be a no-brainer; after all, it has a lot of benefits that make the whole shopping process more convenient and it has a positive impact on sales.

So, do keep the suggestions in mind and start utilizing your live chat to its full potential.

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