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5 Actionable Tips to Reduce Support Tickets With Wiki Software

5 Actionable Tips to Reduce Support Tickets With Wiki Software


Quality customer support is crucial for the existence of any company.

Today, businesses have different ways and different positions to solidify the relationship and loyalty of their customers.

Social media managers, community managers, brand ambassadors, and of course, store workers, are all in charge of interacting with users or consumers.

There’s no doubt that satisfied customers should be the number one priority of every organization.

However, there are online shoppers with whom you can’t really interact as proficiently you do with people who visit your physical store.

So, the only type of interaction is the one with your website. However, even without direct interaction, you can be a helpful provider. With a skillfully calibrated and designed website, you can meet the demands of your consumers.

In this article, we will see how wiki software can be used to reduce customer support tickets.

FAQ pages

With the best wiki software, you can create numerous documents in different formats, and an FAQ page is one of them.

In order to do this, you will need to collect user feedback and see their main concerns related to your product or service.

In other words, FAQ pages can be frequently updated in light of this new evidence.

So, if your users continuously ask about something that cannot be found in the FAQ section or isn’t thoroughly explained, you can update it.

Users are not really fond of going directly to the FAQ page and searching through the vast base of questions, but this does not imply that it is not helpful.

First, if they can’t reach you immediately, they are likely to turn to the FAQ page.

Second, if they are talking to one of the client managers about a problem, he or she can simply link the part of FAQ page that can solve their problem.

Searchable database

It is an incredibly handy feature for both employees and customers.

With a searchable database, most of your customers won’t even have to ask for help as they will solve problems on their own.

Many websites do not have this feature, but those with the best wiki software do, and visitors can easily find a specific piece of information.

A searchable database implies that you have a search bar that will display the best results possible from your website based on a certain search query.

So, if someone is looking for a product, article or simply an answer to a question, your website will display the most relevant solutions. Solutions can even be comments or a part of the FAQ page.

So, if you are to fully utilize the content on your website, you need a searchable database feature.

Ticket assignment

Wikis are excellent collaborative knowledge base tools. They keep an organized workflow and help employees communicate.

One of the ways they help maintain an organized workflow is a ticket assignment system, which is primarily used for task distribution. However, this can also work as customer support improvement.

Instead of users contacting someone in the call center who puts them through to another worker in customer support, they can immediately create a customer support ticket.   

This way, the customer does not need to explain his or her problem twice and the waiting queues are significantly reduced.

The right team member from the customer support team is immediately notified via the knowledge base tool and problem-solving can begin.

Live chat

Live chat is an amazing feature for numerous reasons.

First of all, it projects you as reliable and customers feel more comfortable communicating this way.

You can gather valuable input from these conversations and bag thorough insight into the nature of the problem.

The only drawback of live chat is that it cannot be active at all times since it requires someone to be present in order to work.

If there are more customers in the queue, you can have an automatic message for those who wait to reassure them that you will address their problem as well.

Live chat, can also increase your conversion rate, considering how many customers are hesitant about purchasing something due to their own misgivings.

If they have someone there who can clarify things, they are more likely to make a purchase.

Interactive walkthroughs

Finally, the best thing you can do to help customers in need is to create interactive walkthroughs.

Many companies who sell their software create these walkthroughs so that users can deal with potential problems on their own.

You can create videos, screenshots to guide users through the process and cover all grounds.

If the problem is too complex, then they can contact you. But if they can manage on their own, thanks to walkthroughs, then it is a win-win situation for everyone.

You need to ensure that your walkthroughs are easy to follow and also rely on visual aids as much as possible.

If you can do this, then even customers who do not speak your language can use them efficiently.


To sum up, with wikis, you can turn your website into a user-friendly environment, fully optimized to help your customers.

It cannot eliminate the need to interfere, but it can make customer support jobs far less time-consuming.

Also, the customers will feel more confident and empowered knowing that they do not need to rely on someone to address their problems.

So, if you want to upgrade to better business models, start relying on wikis.



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