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The Perfect Landing Page: 11+ Unrivaled Tools, Tips & Strategies

The Perfect Landing Page: 11+ Unrivaled Tools, Tips & Strategies

A landing page is a single webpage that is aimed at converting visitors to potential customers.

An example is the index (home) page of your website can be used as a landing page.

Optimizing your website’s landing page can tremendously increase your conversions.

Your goal for optimizing your landing page should be to make your visitors them stay long enough for you to convert them.

Ideally, landing pages should have an attractive design and a strong call to action which is clearly visible.

Before we even get into the tools that will help you design the perfect landing page

Here are four key elements that go into every landing page:

#1. Optimized S.E.O

The Keywords in your page should also be in your content as well.

#2. Strong Call To Action

You want people visiting your landing page to immediately understand who you are, what your brand offers and what you are asking in return from them.

[pullquote]Getting people to act on the information you have provided them is often easier said than done.[/pullquote]

The content on your landing page should be brief, directed towards a specific purpose and focused on eliciting a particular response from the people visiting your website.

#3. Template Design

A beautiful well-designed landing page will definitely attract people and they are more likely to convert.

Use images, complementing colors and finally make navigation as easy as possible.

Always keep in mind the 5-second rule.

Ensure that all your important information can be seen on the screen without having to make people scroll down.

#4. Trust and Engagement

Developing trust and engagement can be as simple as providing a telephone number.

Contact information legitimizes your business.

If you’re currently the face of your of your brand adding a picture of yourself goes a long way in developing that much-needed trust.

[Tweet “People will most likely buy a product if they know there’s a human face behind it.”]

You can also provide links to your social media sites

Whenever you are asking for people’s personal information always include a privacy policy statement this helps establish trust as well.


So now that we know what goes into every landing page, we need to actually design it.

Keep in mind there aren’t that many free tools available online to help you design a winning landing page.

For this article let’s consider some of the top tools that are available worldwide.



Price $49/Month

Landing Page Image 6

Unbounce allows you to easily create landing pages even with new paid campaigns.

You can use it for pretty much everything, content promotion, SEM to landing pages.

The tool allows you to build templates once. You can then edit and revise without them taking away from other important projects.

Once a template has been designed it can be used in a variety of use cases.

Unbounce also gives you clear landing page tests that allow you to easily declare a winner.

Launch Rock

Price Free

Landing Page Image 5

LaunchRock is a completely free tool that focusses on early customer acquisition.

The tool has a respectable builder and business strategy that might actually help people get ready for a product or business launch.

Launchrock provides a simple interface that allows you easily create stylish landing pages that convert.

The system offers a responsive design so that your pages can easily be viewed on mobile.

LaunchRock covers the social sharing space which isn’t something Unbounce really focusses on.


Price From $29/Month

Landing Page Image 4

Instapage promises to churn out a good looking landing page in just three minutes.

It consists of a drag and drop interface that allows you to create both a landing page and perform A/B split testing.

The software has over 70+ professionally designed templates to choose from. This saves you an incredible amount of time.

Instapage allows users to upload and SEO plugin and social media widgets for promoting your company through social networks.

The platform integrates with over twenty marketing tools and CRM’s, including MailChimp, Infusionsoft, and Salesforce.


Price from $19

Landing page image 1

Prefinery is a viral customer acquisition platform for product launches and closed beta programs.

Prefinery is to provide people an easy way to make landing pages that convert, without using any coding. You also have the option of implementing custom code if needed.

The tool enables you to create beautiful landing pages templates for capturing emails, promoting social shares and promoting your new products and services.

Here are few of its notable features:

  • Manage a virtual waiting list
  • Send triggered emails
  • 100% customizable
  • Analyze impressions & Conversions
  • Email Notifications
  • Webhook notifications


Price from $29

Landing Page Image 2

PageWiz gets you started with a designer video tutorial popup and also sends the same video to you in a welcome email.

The tool is an all-in-one creation tool that helps you launch landing page campaigns from scratch, within minutes and easily optimize them.

PageWiz also gives you the option for creating a landing page for mobile or desktop.

The tool offers a drag and drop functionality.


Price From $125/ Month

Landing Page Image 3

Running an e-commerce store?

Leadsquared lets you quickly create landing pages, send out emails and identify the leads that are most likely to buy from your online store.

The software is a complete marketing and sales and marketing and sales automation software, with the ability to create landing pages.

Leadsquared gives you fairly comprehensive reports that enable you to see how your landing pages are performing helping you make better decisions.


Price From $200/Month

Landing Page image 7

Hubspot can help you do more than just create beautiful landing pages.

Hubspot allows you to receive tools for blogging, social media landing pages, call to action, analytics and customer relationship management.

The software provides a great interface that makes lead management and marketing automation easier for our small marketing team. From one place, you can create landing pages, forms, email workflows, and reports.

You can generally accomplish whatever it is you set out to do in HubSpot.

It’s simply an integrated and easy to use digital marketing platform to support marketing, CRM & sales for your entire team.


Price $63,000/Year

Landing Page Image 8

IonInteractive is not just a landing page creation tool. The software provides powerful products for lead generation and landing page optimization.

The tool allows you to create a wide selection of interactive content – everything from animated infographics to calculators and quizzes.

If you are coming from a non-IT background, ION is super easy to learn and you can start building landing pages almost immediately.

Great template designs, superb new features unveiled often and always on top of the latest trends in marketing.

IonIntercative is easy to use and interfaces well with Marketo.

Are you looking for an easy to implement and use landing page and microsite solution with great customer support?

Go no further, try Ioninteractive.


Price from $29/Month

Landing Page Image 9

KickoffLabs offers over 40 pre-built templates that are optimized for conversions, such as launch pages, contests, giveaways and webinar registrations.

The web-based software also helps you in your A/B testing to see which pages convert better.

It works well for e-commerce websites because it helps you build smarter campaigns around your landing pages.

KickoffLabs also offers opt-in forms together with the package allowing you to implement them even on your website.

You can publish unlimited landing pages to a KickoffLabs domain or your custom domains, Facebook or WordPress.

KickoffLabs comes with some extra features to boost engagement and to optimize conversion.

Visual Website Optimizer VWO

Price From $49/Month

Landing Page Image 10

VWO covers all elements that you need for optimization.

It includes features sets like testings (AB, MVT split etc.), user behavior analysis (heat map, visitor recordings, scroll maps etc) and feedbacks (on-site surveys).

The tool is incredibly flexible. You can handle a big number of campaigns and even tag them, add notes, and share with other teammates.

You can start campaigns, pause them, archive them, very easily.

The AB tool is the best part of the tool.

The VWO team has really focused on delivering a ton of valuable features for a lower cost than some competitors.


Price Free

Landing Page Image 11

Optimizely takes into account all the crucial steps to include when setting up the experiment and covers most of it all on one page.

You can test as many variations and goals as you want, and you no longer have to commit to a sample size or duration in advance.

This is a great way to simply set up any type of web page test so you can collect data on what your users want to see.

It lets you focus on the creative and not the tech behind the testing.

It’s easy for beginners and also allows for more advanced users to set up complicated experiments and goals.

They have a nice results dashboard allowing for monitoring performance at a glance.


Price From $125

Landing Page Image 12

Convert is an ideal A/B testing tool for my small-medium clients who do not have an enterprise budget for optimization.

It is very easy to set up the front-end variation of your experiment in a short amount of time as well as to set up custom segments and specific goals you want to track.

Convert integrates well with Google Analytics.

The software is less technical than some of the tools mentioned above.

Convert allows you to design and implement changes to TEST their results without ever having to go through IT. This will save you a tremendous amount time and resources.

Take Home

Landing pages should always be an integral part of your internet marketing campaigns.

If you could do one thing right now to drastically improve your lead generation, it would be to use landing pages.

Too many companies are sending their social media and search traffic to their homepages.

This is equivalent of throwing leads away.

Put simply, the more landing pages you create, the more opportunities you’ll have to convert visitors into leads.


About The Author


Catherine is the Founder and CEO of E-Technology Africa, a digital marketing agency based in Nairobi, Kenya offering social media, S.E.O, website, and app development services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases your search visibility.