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13 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions For Your Small Business

13 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions For Your Small Business

There’s no denying that Google Chrome is the best browser in the world.

Google’s senior vice president of product, announced last year that Chrome has passed 1 billion active users. That means you’re probably reading this article from a chrome browser.

Chrome is arguably more than a browser: It also doubles as a productivity tool.

Think about it, these days we often rely on the use our Google chrome extensions even without giving it much thought.

As a serious blogger, I often have so much on my plate. From writing, promotion, design, scheduling, content research, planning and on top of all that I have other commitments that demand my attention.

You’re probably thinking, how in world can one person make time for all that?

Well, I make maximum use of my Google Chrome extensions.They truly do simplify my daily workload.

Google Chrome offers a wide variety of extensions specifically designed for small business owners and bloggers who have multiple things to juggle online.

This article is basically a curated list of all the extensions I am currently using.

Google Chrome Extensions Image 3

Screenshot of my Installed Google Chrome Extensions.


By no means am I suggesting that these are the only extensions available for use . These extensions have helped me grow my blog to what you see today.

My hope is that they become as much a part of your daily life as they are with mine.

And just in case you’re wondering, all the tools listed below are free, so let’s get started.

1. Grammarly

Do yourself a favor and install this extension today, I promise, you won’t regret it.

Hands down Grammarly is my favorite Google Chrome extension at the moment for one simple reason, it helps me write better content.

Publishers and bloggers often do most of their writing directly from their browsers commonly through the WordPress Editor.

Grammarly keeps a check on your spelling and grammar when you’re writing online and ensures that you never again make a fool of yourself online.

This tool works across Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn and pretty much any website with a text editor.

I have to be honest, I have tested other similar extensions but there really isn’t any other alternative tool that functions quite as well as Grammarly does.

2. Buffer

Almost every blogger I know has this extension installed on their browser.

Buffer is the easiest, smartest and most frictionless way to share content on social media.

I have been a paying customer for Buffer, for the last two years, and I’ve used the tool from day one of launching my blog.

What I love most about Buffer is it’s more than just a scheduling tool.

Buffer chrome extension allows you to easily share interesting articles you’ve found online and instantly share it across all your social media channels, with one simple click.

Social media managers can also use Buffer to manage multiple accounts from one Dashboard.

Buffer’s super simple to use, extremely effective and once installed you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

3. Boomerang for Gmail

If your business uses Google apps and products like Gmail, then this extension will come in handy.

Boomerang is a browser add-on available for Chrome that lets you schedule emails for a point in the future, even if you’re not online.

It’s perfect for automated business replies, not forgetting birthdays, and sending messages at a time when you know the recipient will be available.

It also lets you control when you receive email messages so say you are on vacation and don’t want to be bothered or you know when you see that email you will be tempted to reply,  then you should consider using Boomerang.

4. Evernote Web Clipper

Another one of my favorites.

In fact, I love Evernote so much that I actually wrote an entire article specifically dedicated to this tool.

For those of us who have never heard of Evernote, I would suggest you start by reading my review here. 

Evernote Web Clipper is simply a Google extension of the Evernote app.

A huge part of any bloggers life is research, research and more research. We are always searching and reading online articles to get inspiration for our own articles.

I’m not even kidding when I say this, my life has become so much easier with Evernote Web Clipper.

The extension allows you to share and store articles or Web Pages that you find interesting for later consumption by “clipping” them.

By default, you can save a single article (or select multiple manually) from a page with multiple articles, save the whole page, save a simplified version of an article, screenshot the page, save Gmail conversations, PDF’s, images or bookmark them for later.

You can also choose to share them via email or on your social networks.

5. Gmail Offline

This is a beta extension by Google that allows you to read, search, respond, and archive email without a working internet connection.

I don’t use this tool often, mostly because I am almost always around an internet connection but it’s always a great thing to have. You never know when you might need it.

This extension downloads a copy of all your emails and stores them locally on your computer which can be accessed at any time.

If you’re working offline all your messages and queued actions are instantly synchronized with your email server the next time your computer finds a connection.

6. Pinterest

Is Pinterest your main source of traffic?

Well if not, it probably will after you install the Pinterest Chrome extension.

This extension allows you to easily Pin your articles, save and share them directly to your Pinterest boards without having to move from your current window.

It’s a great way to instantly share your latest blog posts on  Pinterest.

Personally, I mostly use this extension to Pin images from my Instagram page.

It’s as simple as opening your Instagram page on your browser and clicking on the Pinterest button and you’re all set.

Google Chrome Extensions Image 2

Screenshot of my Instagram Page After Clicking on the Pinterest Extension.

Pinterest Google chrome extension makes it easy for you to share your Instagram posts to your Pinterest Boards.

This is a great way to make good use of all the hard work and time it took to design your Instagram pictures.

Use of hashtags on your Instagram Page will also help you get found faster on Pinterest through search.

7. Color Zilla

Design happens to be a huge part of any brand’s online success, and color is at the heart of it.

Color Zilla allows you to literally “pick” any color on your browser by just clicking the browser extension button.

You can later paste the “picked color” onto any of your current designs that you are currently working on.

I mostly use this browser extension with a website called design-seeds. Design seeds is a must know for any serious publisher who designs graphics to support their posts.

Google Chrome Extensions Image 1

Design Seeds Homepage

Color Picker continues to help me design better graphics for my websites and social media pages.

8. MailTrack

This will probably be one of those extensions you wish you had installed sooner.

Want to know if that important email was actually read — or ignored?

MailTrack lets you track an unlimited number of emails for free.

With a free account, all emails you send are tracked; there’s nothing else you need to do other than write and send your email as you normally would.

Google Chrome Extensions Image 7

The first checkmark is green, it means that the email was sent using MailTrack. The second checkmark turns green to indicate that the tracked email was opened.

This extension even goes further by giving you details of all instances of the email being opened, and what operating system the recipient used to open it.

9. WiseStamp

Wisestamp lets you create beautiful email signatures and it works with Gmail, Yahoo, and

Google Chrome Extensions Image 4

Screenshot of my WiseStamp Dashboard

What I love about most about Wise Stamp is it adds all these sorts of extras (like your tweet, your latest blog post, company logo etc) which it will import into the extension.

The result is a beautiful email signature that will make your emails look and feel super professional and cool.

The free version of this extension works really well too.

10. links are everywhere on the internet these days, pretty much everyone has seen one.

This Google chrome extension makes it easy for you to shorten your links directly without leaving your current window. This makes creating Bit links so much simpler and faster.

Publishers and bloggers find this extension extremely invaluable for their content promotion analytics dashboard is unmatched. It tracks clicks by country and regions giving enabling you gauge if people are actually reading your articles online.

11. Google AMP

Google AMP simply stands for Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages.

I recommend you read my article Top 5 SEO Trends of 2017 to find out more about AMP and what it can do for your website.

If you care about SEO now and into the future, you probably should consider installing Google AMP.

According to Google, the key strength of AMP isn’t just that it makes your pages fast, but that it makes your pages fast in a way that can be validated.

The AMP browser extension will automatically validate each AMP page visited and gives a visual indication of the validity of the page as a coloured icon.

Google Chrome Extensions Image 6

12. Facebook Pixel Helper

Marketers who don’t have a huge advertising budget  use a technique called Conversion Rate Optimization to funnel more their existing traffic into sales.

An example of conversion rate optimization is adding the Facebook Pixel to your website allowing you to track the behaviors of your visitors while they’re on your website.

Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension currently only works with Chrome.

Once installed a small </> icon will appear on your Chrome’s bar. When it’s grayed out, it means that no Facebook Ads pixel has been found on the page you’re browsing.

Google Chrome Extensions Image 5

Screenshot of my Facebook Pixel Helper Icon

Pixels are basically a few lines of JavaScript you need to insert in your website in order to track when a user from a Facebook Ad buys something on your website (conversion pixel).

13. Last Pass

Last Pass is a widely used password management tool that you can easily incorporate into your browser.

If you always forget your passwords, trust me this tool was made for you and me.

It remembers all your login usernames and passwords for as many websites you wish to sign up to, it’s extremely secure plus It’s free!

The tool allows you to manage all your password from your secure dashboard which they call a “Vault”.

All you need to remember is the password to your vault and you’re all set.

Last Pass will send you alerts of any suspicious activity detected in any of your accounts.

It also acts as password generation tool, helping generate “strong” auto-generated passwords for all your websites.

Take Home

As we come to close of the year now is the best time to start making plans that will significantly boost your business this coming year.

To save you the pain of sorting through hundreds of extensions that aren’t valuable to your business, you can make use of  our list.

These Google chrome extensions will significantly boost your productivity online and soon you won’t be able to navigate online without them.


About The Author


Catherine is the Founder and CEO of E-Technology Africa, a digital marketing agency based in Nairobi, Kenya offering social media, S.E.O, website, and app development services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases your search visibility.


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