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How to Find Free Work-From-Home Jobs (Without Fees Or Investment)

How to Find Free Work-From-Home Jobs (Without Fees Or Investment)

Maybe you’re looking for a job that you can work from home, however, every job you land on need you to pay for some registration or sought of kind of fees in order for you to start working with them.

You have gone ahead and tried one only to land on a scam. Fuss! You are almost giving up on working from home because you not only have any coin to your name but also you don’t know how to identify a scam job. Well, don’t worry anymore, we have compiled a list of free work-from-home jobs that will cost you absolutely nothing.

Nevertheless, you need to acquire quality working equipment for the job of your choice. It is ironical to seek home jobs without first having the tools of work. There is absolutely no one who will allow the quality of their work to be compromised in the name of a newbie. Well, my advice is, after going through the list below, the next thing is to look for money elsewhere and buy the best tool to work in order to produce quality to your client.

Having said that, free work-from-home jobs need a lot of discipline because of the many disruptions you are likely to encounter. Minimize the disruptions as much as possible. Wait! Do you even know what disruptions can do to you? They can make you miss deadlines, they can make you mess your client’s work and finally, they can destroy the relationship you had with your client. That’s terrible! You don’t want to go this way.

Here are legit home-based jobs on different categories. Each category has different companies that offer the job without fees.


Transcription is a process of converting audio files into the test. This is a work that needs special skills like typing speed, good listening skills and you should be good at grammar and punctuations. It is easy to train if you already have good grammar to start with. The following companies will hire you for free;


Babbletype hires home-based individuals who can work on transcription work and editing. To join babble type is absolutely free, however, you will be needed to send your resume to [email protected] in order to be considered. You only need to have the skills they desire. You will be required to pass a simple transcription test to be allowed to practice.


TranscribeMe will pay good money for quality work. Before they allow you to practice, you will have to undergo a series of tests to prove your skills. They will test you on grammar, then they will provide you will an audio file to transcribe. If you pass the test you will be hired immediately, however, if you fail the test once, you will not be allowed to try again. The good thing about working for transcribing me is that you have an opportunity to rank high as you improve on your work. The remuneration is relatively good.


You can work for Rev from anywhere in the world. It is free to join Rev provided you will prove to them that you are up for the challenge. Just like TranscribeMe, Rev will provide you with a series of tests to work. You have to pass all the tests in order to be allowed to work for them. If you mess around with client’s work, and the quality of your work start deteriorating, you risk being fired. Rev is actually the best-paid freelance site that provides transcription and translation jobs.

Virtual Assistant jobs

People and companies are always looking for qualified people to work for them at remotely. This will help them in cost-cutting. There are different legit companies who will hire you for different office tasks. Besides, there are freelance sites that will hire you to provide virtual assistant jobs on behalf of their clients. Here are some of them:

Fancy Hands

Fancy hands is an established company that provides virtual assistants to people all over the world. They are constantly hiring for work at home individuals for various virtual assistant works. If you have impeccable conversational skills, good phone etiquette and you have a fast internet connection you are a good candidate for Fancy Hands. They also need people with good research skills and customer services to assist the clients with their queries.


This is an established company based in the United States. Convergys deals with outsourcing customer services to individuals and other companies. They are always hiring to cater to their rising clientele in different languages. If you are good at customer service skills and have good communication skills you can apply to work for Convergys. It is absolutely free to join.

Sitel Group

They hire call center agents to work at home. They also outsource customer services to various individuals and companies. This makes them hire most of the time. You must demonstrate good customer service skills before they hire you. They do not charge anything to join their team.


Are you good in any subject? You can apply for tutoring jobs in various companies and earn from home. Tutoring jobs are suitable free work-from-home jobs because you can schedule the lesson at the time that is convenient for both of you. It is an hourly based payment job which makes every minute used on tutoring count. Here are companies that you can apply for tutoring jobs.

It will cost you nothing to work with You will have to undergo a registration process to qualify to be a tutor in You will undertake a compulsory application stage, followed by your subject test, then mock test and finally, you will undergo a background check for free. If you successfully pass all these stages you will be hired. You will only log in when you are available making it a very ideal work at home job.


Are you very good in the English language, both written and spoken? Well, Vipkid is looking for English teacher to train Chinese children. Initially, the Chinese government didn’t require it’s citizen to learn foreign languages. However, due to integration and market diversity, Chinese people have realized the need of learning the English language. There are many opportunities in China to teach English. You don’t need to pay any fee to work for Vipkid, but you must meet certain requirements: being a US or Canadian citizen, with a TEFL certificate and some teaching experience.


This is another free to work company that offers one-on-one online tutoring jobs. In order to be considered for tutoring, you will have to write a good resume about yourself and email them through [email protected] providing them with your Skype ID. They will go through the resume and contact you through Skype once they are satisfied with your skills. In the resume, you will have to explain why you need the job and your availability.

Online writing jobs

There are numerous writing jobs on the market. There are various freelance writing websites where you can find free work-from-home jobs. Most of the companies that offer writing jobs need you to work remotely and they don’t charge for the registration. However, some of them limit the entry because of the quality of work they expect from you. This means you must provide previous work samples for their assessment. Here are legit companies that will hire writers for free.

Express writers

You can be hired to work as part-time writers or you can choose to work on a full-time bases. You will fill out an online application form in their site and submit three of your best samples. Express writer officials will go through the application and decide whether or not to hire you. They only hire top-notch writers and so you have to be up for the task. Once you are hired you will be provided with writing jobs to work remotely. It is also free to join the site.


Textbroker is a US-based freelance writing company. It is free to join the site for people who reside in their approved locations. For you to be allowed to join you have to demonstrate your writing skills by providing your samples. The quality of your samples will be rated between 2 and 5 rating. This rating will form the basis of your ranking in Textbroker, you can rise in ranking as you improve the quality of your articles. Textbroker pays once in a week a minimum of $10 is required to be able to receive your payment.


Writerbay is a resume writing website, there is no registration fee and you will get a lifetime membership once you register. If you are good at writing quality resumes you can join Writerbay for free and start earning for resume writing jobs. Writerbay also provides other writing services like copywriting, essay writing and article writing. Once you have joined you can learn to do other writing jobs and still benefit from the same website.

Direct clients

You don’t have to join any writing company to make money writing. You can pitch an individual or business which you think they need writing services. This is a good way of making money writing because you will not have to share your earnings with anybody. However, all the liabilities will be on you and you have to provide quality as you had promised the client.

Did you know that you can still make money selling quality websites? You can design websites for other people, manage the website and even do website flipping to earn good money? Yes! It is a free job which you can work at home.

You can also write random articles and sell them online. There are various websites that will sell articles on your behalf and share the earnings with you. Here are four legit websites


Did I mention that there are numerous free work-from-home jobs? If I didn’t, then you already know. Any skill you may be having can be applied on the home based jobs. The above few jobs are jobs that need you to have special skills on them.

If you still want to work from home and do not have any skill at hand or maybe you’re a student and still developing your skills, you can still find online jobs for students in different websites.

Nevertheless, free work-from-home jobs can be fulfilling just like any full-time jobs. If you can only excel at what you do best, then you are good to go.

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