Facebook Marketing for SMEs: What Everybody Ought To Know.

Social media sites have enabled millions of SMB’s grow and with no doubt, Facebook leads the way.

Facebook Marketing’s goal is to produce content that users will share with their friends to help their company increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach.

As of September 2015 Kenya had over 4.5 million active Facebook users with over 95% of them accessing the site through their mobile phones.

Facebook definitely  has it’s eye on the continent having set up their first African office in Johannesburg in June this year, keep in mind Kenya is an important entry point into the East African and Central African markets.

Facebook said its active user population in Africa grew 20 percent to 120 million in June from 100 million in September last year.

With numbers set to grow, it’s more critical now than ever for your business to be present on Facebook.

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And we have the stats to prove it:

  • It’s is the second most visited site in Kenya.
  • It has over 4.5 million active users with  65% of them being men.
  • 42% are between the ages of 18-24 with 34% between the ages of 25-35
  • 47% of the active users in Kenya are single and 29% are married.
  • Over 70% of the active users are college graduates.

If you are an internet marketer (like myself) the statistics mentioned above will give you great insight on how to approach your advertisements seeing that majority of your audience is made up of young people.

Want to learn how to market like a professional on Facebook and grow your small business? Here are a few tips to get you started;

#1 Have a plan

I mentioned previously in the article “how to publish like a social media pro” you need to find a balance of promoting your content and writing good content that is actually worth sharing.

In this case “content” can be replaced by either the product or service, that you’re offering. It helps to have a plan, a social media strategy helps you get focused and sets clear objectives for each site.

Create and excel editorial calendar from Monday – Sunday. For posts clearly define the title, topic, author, publish time, deadline and images.

This excel file will form part of your social media publishing strategy.

It helps to run an audit of your Facebook accounts, make sure all your accounts are on brand; proper profile photo, cover photos, icon, bios are completed fully, URL is correct and descriptions are properly written.

Part of planning is also clearly writing down your objectives, what you hope to achieve by being present on Facebook, for example, do you want more Facebook likes on your page? Fan engagement?

Be clear on what you want to achieve.

#2 Use Facebook Audience Insights

You cannot effectively communicate to your audience unless you know what it is that matters to them.

Facebook Audience Insights is a great place to start your research.

Deliver messages that are meaningful to your audience and if your messages resonate with them they are more likely to buy your product/service.

You can also discover more insights about other local businesses in your niche.

Quick Tip: Remember there is a difference between Marketing and Advertising, empower yourself with clever marketing plans and ideas without breaking your bank or your back.

On page Facebook insights can tell you more about the people who have liked your page.

STEP 1: Choose Your Audience

Screenshot of Facebook Audience Insights

STEP 2: Refine Your Search According To Your Preference 

Screenshot of Facebook Audience Insights


 #3 Make the most of Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to get your brand noticed by people, it’s also one of the most popular ways for infopreneurs to promote their products/service.

A popular Kenya group that a lot of people use is “Kilimani Mums Marketplace” the group has over 89,000 members and growing.

This is a great place to start if you’re on a budget and you don’t have the money to promote your products yet.

Here are few important things to note about using Facebook groups to market your business

  • Facebook allows you to join up to 6000 groups
  • I caution you against joining too many groups because they’ll tend to fill up your newsfeed, personally, I’ve only joined five
  • Join the right groups that relate to your niche, otherwise, your posts will not resonate with the members.
  • Track the engagement of your posts on Facebook Groups, by monitoring and responding to all comments and likes.
  • It helps if you post regularly on the groups if you want to get noticed by more people.
  • Make sure you brand affiliation is clearly shown in your profile, seeing that you can only post on groups with your personal account.

Popular Facebook groups are a great place to start your research, make the most of the search function on the groups.

A lot of people do not know this but the posts that are posted to these groups never disappear, you can retrieve posts from as old as when the group was first  created.

An example is if you want to start selling handbags start by searching the keyword “handbag” to first and foremost  find out who your competition is plus and see the kind of engagement “handbag” posts get over time.

Quick Tip: Make the most of the search function on Groups

STEP 1: Search for the “Keyword” terms that relate to your niche

Screenshot of a popular Facebook Group in Kenya
Screenshot of a popular Facebook Group in Kenya


STEP 2: Scroll through the results and track the engagement of the posts.


Screenshot of search results from a popular Facebook Group in Kenya
Screenshot of search results from a popular Facebook Group in Kenya


In conclusion, Facebook groups offer an easy, highly effective way to connect with prospects and customers within your industry.


# 4 Launch a Facebook Contest

We are soon coming to the start of the holiday season, October is already here!

This is the perfect time of the year is to run promotions, contests, and giveaways.

Whatever industry you’re in, the holidays present a unique opportunity to capitalize on advertising your services by running contests.

Facebook contests are a great way to acquire more page involvement, fan interaction and gain more likes.

As I mentioned above before running any promotion make sure you have a good understanding on who your audience is, here’s where your skills with audience insights will come in handy.

Clearly specify the start-end dates of your contest, and clearly outline the details of your contest so that you don’t confuse your audience. Keep your campaign brief to appeal to the

Keep your campaign brief to appeal to the psychology of scarcity amongst your audience.


#5 Regularly Promote Your Posts/ Facebook Advertising

Please keep in mind that this may not be the best way to grow your following, but it’s by far the fastest ways to get noticed.

I always encourage my readers to use Facebook advertising primarily for your brand’s exposure.


Quick Tip: Facebook Marketing tactics are not the same as Facebook Advertising tactics the two are similar but not quite the same. More about that in my next article 

Your advertising should be targeted to a specific demographic, age group, local and interests.

If you don’t target your ads chances are high you won’t achieve your desired objectives.

You can promote your posts from as little as 1,000 ($10) Kenya Shillings a day.

Now a thousand bob isn’t small money (depending on the size of your business) but if you’re a startup every shilling counts so make sure you’re getting a good Return on your Investment (ROI)

Quick Tip: Always have a plan and an objective out of what you hope to achieve from your Advert.


Facebook Marketing is a skill that is mastered over time, it requires patience, honesty, and commitment.

Be authentic and consistent and you will attract a loyal following that will be ready to do business with you every single time.

Know any other tips worth mentioning?

As always I would love to hear from please leave a comment below.

Drop me an email at [email protected]  tell me a little bit about yourself or your business you can also send your comments to [email protected]

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Catherine Mong’ina is the Founder and CEO of E-Technology Africa, a digital marketing agency based in Nairobi, Kenya offering social media, S.E.O, website and app development services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases you search visibility.