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Email Marketing: Advantages of Building An Email List

Email Marketing: Advantages of Building An Email List


Capturing emails on your website is one of the most effective brand awareness and promotional strategies for your online business.  In this article, I will assume you know the basics of how to set up and capture emails through your website.

As many of you have discovered, it takes more than just great content to get people to opt-in to your list. You need to equip yourself with creative persuasive techniques to make people curious enough to opt-in to your list [Tweet “You need to equip yourself with creative persuasive techniques to make people curious enough to opt-in to your list”]

A common example of one such technique would be to offer exclusive content that you wouldn’t normally share captured comprehensively in a digital format called an eBook. You can offer your audience this eBook for free and in exchange, they are giving you permission to send them promotional messages, about your brand directly into their inbox.

This type of marketing technique is called Permission Marketing which was coined and developed by entrepreneur Seth Godin

In Kenya, for example, email may not be as effective as mobile. It’s no secret that mobile is the communication lifeline in Africa. In 2015, mobile penetration in sub-Saharan Africa was at 72% with over 722 million unique connections. This resulted in over $40 billion in operator revenues in the year 2015 alone. By the year 2020, the penetration is expected to hit a record 93% with over 982 million unique connections. These figures clearly show you that sending promotional messages through text may be more effective than email in this part of the world. So Instead of asking people for their email address another option would be to ask them to opt in through their mobile phone!

In addition,  you can have them text you their email address. We also have companies that are doing extremely well in Kenya and they send out their messages mainly through email. If you would like to know more about how to get your audience to opt in through mobile please leave a comment below I will be happy to assist.

Okay great! You have built your email list now what?

There are voluminous advantages to growing a list here’s why personally I think it best you start building an email list right away,

Helps You Develop a Relationship with Your Audience

Despite email being an effective internet marketing strategy, it can also be a great way to establish a connection with your audience.

Instead of sending a flood of promotional messages take time to educate or inspire them through the emails you send.

Be conversational in your tone, don’t sound like a robot, simply be human!

Try and solve your audience’s pain point through your emails. How? Take time to understand their needs, desires and interests.

Keep your emails short, direct and straight to the point.

Also, the fewer images you use, the higher the chances that people will open your emails and be more engaged.

Keep in mind that trust is an extremely valuable asset in business; it also takes time to nature. I’ve learned that the only way to cultivate this trust is to pay attention to your audience and constantly deliver content that is relevant to them.


Helps Promote Your Brand Awareness and Promotion Strategies

Over 70% of internet marketers agree that email marketing is the core of their business. Think about it if you’re a business owner and you’re running a promotion, contest or offer, naturally the first people you send out this news to will be your email list.

You can regularly update your audience on any upcoming events, send out test samples of a new product that you have been working on, ask for feedback or send personalized messages.

If you have taken time and money to earn your audience’s trust, then you can leverage this trust by promoting your ideas and products to them.  Be cautious not to oversell, keep in mind they already know what you can offer so they will be more than willing to support you.

Remember, once you have their consent you have their permission to send them all types of messages. Keep them up to date with all relevant information regarding your business. You can also target a specific group of people within your list instead of wasting time and resources on aimless marketing.

You can encourage people to join your list by offering exclusive offers specific to those who will join. Like I mentioned earlier give them an incentive to join, and keep them engaged in order for them to stay longer.


Lists are your very own database of followers, if you run an online business, it’s imperative to note that building email lists is one of the most effective ways of making money online. Therefore, it should be at the top of your internet marketing strategy.

Remember, it never too late to start growing your list. First and foremost make sure your blog is appealing. Secondly, you will need to invest in list-building tools. Lastly, give them an incentive to opt in.

Bottom Line, email marketing is powerful and when done right the results are voluminous.



About The Author


Catherine is the Founder and CEO of E-Technology Africa, a digital marketing agency based in Nairobi, Kenya offering social media, S.E.O, website, and app development services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases your search visibility.

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