Bluehost review 2017

I have been a paying customer for Bluehost for the last three years and my experience has been nothing short of amazing.

Successful websites are backed by high-quality, professionally run hosting.

If you’re looking to launch your business website this coming year, you’ll need to find the best hosting possible.

Bluehost provides complete web hosting solutions for business owners and individuals on small budgets.

In my previous article How To Start A Blog in 7 Easy Steps, I took you through a step-by-step tutorial on how easy it is to launch a WordPress website using Bluehost.

I recommend you check it out if you’re looking to launch a website without any help from IT or a web developer.

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There are many good high-quality hosting services out there, I guess the question on your mind is…

Why Choose Bluehost?

It’s simple they’re the best. I’ll explain why…

Bluehost was founded in 2003 and is one of the largest web hosting companies in the world. In the last 13 years, over 2 million websites around the world are now powered by Bluehost.

Bluehost is an officially recommended hosting provider by WordPress, Drupal, Opencart and many more popular content management systems.

What makes Bluehost successful?

Well, a lot…

When looking for a reliable hosting provider there basically three things you look out for, speed, reliability, and price. 

Bluehost offers you these three and then some.

As a website owner, you want to be sure your website is not only secure but is guaranteed of 99.9% uptime.

And in the event, your website does go down (which happens…) you want to be assured that your hosting provider will get your site back up in the fastest time possible.

Unlike other web hosts especially the local ones, that rent data centers, Bluehost owns 3 data centers privately.

They are all equipped with 10GB fiber connections at most major locations around the world.

In short, their facilities are world class.

Plus, they have an excellent track record for maintaining 99.9% uptime for their customer’s websites.

So let’s go through the main reasons why you should switch to Bluehost in 2017.

Disclosure: Because I am a paying customer for the last 3 years, some of the links are referral links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you make a purchase.

1. 24/7 Support

The backbone of any hosting provider, if you don’t already know, is their ability to offer support any day at any time.

Bluehost offers support in multiple options:

  • They have  24/7 live chat on their website.
  • An in-depth knowledge base
  • 24/7 live phone chat
  • Twitter Support ( @bluehostsupport )

I have used all the above options in the past and they’ve worked great.

For purposes of this article, I decided to test out their Live website.

For Live Chat Support, Go to the main Bluehost website.

Bluehost Review 1

You will be directed to a chat window which you can then direct your inquiry.


Bluehost Review 2

My inquiry was answered in less than five minutes.Other times you may have to wait longer but remember they have various support options.

Overall, Bluehost support specialists are friendly and knowledgeable about WordPress which is great.

Their robust support center includes guides, video tutorials,and much more.

2. One Click Installs

You’re can now install your favorite scripts such as WordPress in one click from your hosting account.

Bluehost is integrated with MOJO Marketplace to provide an easy one-click installation of popular applications such as WordPress.

Bluehost Review 3

Yet another reason why I love Bluehost so much.

Kindly read the article below where take you through a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up your first WordPress website using Bluehost.

Recommended Read: How To Start A Blog: Complete Beginners Guide.

3. $175 in Credits

The quickest way to get exposure for your business website is through advertising.

Bluehost hosting package offers you $175 in advertising credits from Google, Facebook and other leading websites to help you grow your business.

Bluehost Review 4

They also take care of your search engine optimization by submitting your website to search engines free and they offer you mailing lists to promote your site.


4. Free Domain

If  it’s your first time using Bluehost they offer a free domain to start your business without having to spend a penny.

It also depends on whether or not you want your domain to have a .CO.KE or a .COM extension.

For the .CO.KE domain extension you will need to use a local registrar to purchase your domain then proceed to add it to your hosting account.

If you don’t mind a .COM extension for your business then you’re in luck because Bluehost offers you one for free!

5. Affordable Pricing

If you’re a bootstrapping entrepreneur you’ll be happy to learn that you’ll get all these amazing hosting features at a starting price of just $3.95/Month.

How To Start a Blog

Bluehost pricing is very useful and reliable for beginners and startups.

This basic package  of just &3.95/month can handle more than 10,000 page views in a day with an optimized website.

This basic package is not only cost friendly but is perfect for first-time website owners.

Note: Bluehost bills you 12, 24 or 36 months at a time.

Bluehost Hosting Plans

Bluehost offers four different hosting plans:

  • Shared web hosting (which is what  I’ve shared above)
  • Reseller hosting
  • VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Servers)
  • Dedicated Hosting

Small and medium sized businesses with limited amounts of traffic will benefit greatly from shared hosting. Other beneficiaries of this package include Bloggers, website designers and e-commerce stores.

Shared hosting is the most popular choice for webmasters because it’s convenient and cost effective.

Bluehost’s Shared Hosting consists of two distinct packages: Standard and Pro

  • Standard Package: This includes everything you need to launch your first website or blog. It’s what I’ve shared on the image above.
  • Pro Package: This package provides you with more CPU, memory, and resources. The 12-month plan starts ar $19.95 / Month.

VPS and Dedicated Hosting are great options for websites that experience lots of traffic.

Bluehost also offers reseller hosting which is designed for entrepreneurs who want to sell web hosting.

6. WordPress Friendly

Over 74 million websites around the world are powered by WordPress. In the realm of self-hosted sites, WordPress accounts for over 25% of all websites.

WordPress is more than just a blogging platform it has evolved to be a fully functional content management system.

Bluehost has made it extremely easy for you to install WordPress on your website directly from your hosting account.

With this feature, you can have your website up and running in literally 5 minutes.

Learn More about this here.

7. Reliability & Uptime

As I mentioned in earlier, your website’s uptime is of most importance.

Uptime simply means having your website remain accessible to visitors in a 24/7 environment.

Bluehost has a good track record when it comes to reliability and uptime. Bluehost guarantees 99.9% uptime.

In the event your website does go down for any reason, you still have the peace of mind knowing that their outstanding support will resolve it in the shortest time possible.


8. Fast Servers

If your website’s page loading speeds are slow then you probably need to upgrade your hosting.

Slow page loading speeds affect your visitor’s user experience with your website. It also hurts your SEO.

Not sure how fast or slow your page speeds are? Take the Google Page Speed test here 

Bluehost uses high-performance quad processor Opteron-based servers, which are faster and more reliable than its competitors.

With this type of hardware, you can be assured of faster page loading speeds for your website.

9. Free Site Backup & Restore Tool

Now if for some reason your website crashes and you loose all your files, relax,  Bluehost has got your covered.

They perform monthly, weekly and even daily backups of your entire account data (files, databases & configuration settings).

The data is then kept for a maximum of 30 days. With the restore tool, you can easily restore your entire website back to normal.

And if you’re anything like me, Bluehost also offers us an option to make a copy of our entire website just for our own peace of mind.

I always make a copy of all my websites every 30 days, you can never be too sure.

10. Ease of  Use

If you’ve never seen a Cpanel dashboard in your life, Bluehost ensures you don’t notice the difference.

Bluehost’s Cpanel is so simple, it almost feels like you’re using an app.

Their Cpanel is hands down the easiest and the most straightforward in the industry.

Bluehost Review 6

Everything has been laid out to simply such that navigating would not be a challenge.

Emails are easy to set up and manage and you have everything you need to manage your website all in one place.

11. Security

One of the main concerns for shared hosting is security.

In a shared web hosting environment, your website is sharing resources with other users on the same server.

If anything happens on a shared web server this could potentially slow down your website.

Unlike other hosting companies Bluehost has taken the necessary precautions to ensure that this will never be the case.

Bluehost Resource Protection is a feature that safeguards your website from occurrences such as users consuming too much disk space, memory, and CPU resources.

12. Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost Affiliate program is hands down the best affiliate program on the internet right now.

Refer a friend to Bluehost you’ll receive $65 per referral.

If you’re a paying customer of Bluehost (doesn’t matter what plan you’re on) sign up to be an affiliate today!

Sign up just two friends and you will offset your hosting bill for the entire year.

I’ve been an affiliate for Bluehost for quite some time now and I can assure you they pay all their affiliates just as promised.

In case your commissions are in excess of $10,000 they can wire transfer the money directly to your bank account. Typically commissions are paid out via PayPal.

Equity Bank Kenya has made it so easy to withdraw from PayPal so you shouldn’t have to worry about how you are going to get your money.


Over To You,

Just to summarize Bluehost offers you everything you need to host small-to-medium-sized websites, in one single hosting plan.

Bluehost provides a complete web hosting solution from the business owner to the individual who still desires functionality on a small budget.

If you’re looking for a hosting partner in 2017 who really understands your needs I strongly recommend your try Bluehost.

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