90% of what you feel comes through your eyes.

It has been more than 28 years since the launch of powerpoint, some hate it some love it.

I recently read an article on the Daily Nation by Sam Wambugu, “Powerpoint abuse causes boredom, fatigue.” ( Sorry guys I couldn’t link to it cause it’s not yet available online)

In this piece, he describes the state of boredom and fatigue that is being brought about by long presentations as “Death by Powerpoint.”

It got me thinking, is there a better way?

The truth is that we have all experienced bad presentations, and presenters, at some point in our lives.

I remember one of the first things we were taught by our lecturers in university is to “avoid overcrowding your slides.”

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The reality is, overcrowding alone will never solve the problem of bad presentations.

It’s unfortunate that by design, Microsoft Powerpoint restricts you from creating inspiring presentations.

The solution to ending this terrible pattern is to simply offer people alternatives.

Microsoft Powerpoint is popularly used because it’s free and is readily available on our PC’s. This doesn’t mean that it is the only software that you can use to create jaw-dropping presentations.

The first step is understanding that a presentation extends beyond the creation of slides. Presentations are about telling a story and evoking emotion amongst your audience.

In this article, I will share with you 50+ presentation tools that will take your next business presentation from average to Rock Star!

1. Prezi

Over 75 Million people around the world already present better with Prezi.

Have you ever watched a TED Talk and not been inspired? Exactly, TED talks are one of the best examples of how presentation are meant to move an audience.

Prezi is a tool that is endorsed by TED and has been used by thousands of TED presenters over the last ten years.

It was very intentional for me to have it as number one on my list. This easy to use tool will assist you in creating outstanding presentations.

The tool can be used by individuals, students and business teams.


2. Zoho Show

Zoho Show is a web-based application which makes it very easy to create great visual presentations that will impress your audience.

If you’re familiar with Powerpoint you will definitely find this tool very easy to use. It includes master slides, templates, customization, the ability to insert video and images, transitions and animations.

Collaboration also makes this tool a fascinating feature for teams.

3. Sidebean

The tool allows you to create a presentation by simply adding content and they will automatically create a professional design. I mean how simple and cool is this tool!

Although it’s relatively the new kid on the block, one of its key advantages is that it’s quick and simple compared to other tools mentioned on this list.

Preferred by mostly teachers and students.

4. Niftio

I bet you most of the tech nerds who are reading this article have probably never heard of Niftio.

I actually discovered this tool on Twitter and I was instantly impressed. After doing a bit of research online I discovered that not much has been written about it online.

Niftio is a presentation software startup, aims at making everyone a nifty presenter, regardless of their design or typography skills.

The tool gives you access to dozens of designer-made templates, a massive content library, and thousands of free stock photos.

5. Slides

Take your next presentation to the next level with Slides. You can open your slides within PowToon to customize you slides even further.

Slides are the perfect combination of fun animations and stunning designs that will are guaranteed to awe your audience.

Slides have a wide range of high-quality stock photographs, you can use add as many slides as you want to your site, too.

6. Slide Rocket

SlideRocket allows you to share your presentations online and view statistics on their inbuilt dashboard.

With SlideRocket your presentations are stored in the cloud and accessible anywhere.

Present online from any major browser on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS or Redhat Linux or sync your presentations to SlideRocket’s offline player on your desktop and present without an internet connection.

7. Keynote

If you’re a Mac and iOS user then Keynote will not sound foreign to you. This is Apple’s primary presentation software.

Keynote allows users to add images, charts, graphs and other visual elements to each slide. The key advantage of this tool to its rival Powerpoint is each presentation is automatically saved to the cloud.

You can easily open, edit and share your presentations anytime anywhere on any Mac or iOS.

8. Slide Dog

This tool allows you to create stunning presentations by combining PDF documents, YouTube Clips, Word/Excel files, images, and even movies.

Slide Dog allows users to easily distribute slides to the audience, through their devices. It’s a collaborative tool that allows users to chat, send polls, and get feedback from your audience.

The tool is also a great audience communication platform that allows presenters and attendees to connect in real-time through any web-enabled device.

9. Sparkol – VideoScribe

Another awesome video animation tool very similar to PowToon. It’s great for teachers and students who want to make their videos more interesting and engaging.

When animation captures an audience, that audience absorbs each and every word on the screen.

Whiteboard videos have been shown to grab the viewer’s attention while increasing engagement, and so boosting information retention – they are fun!

10. AurthorSTREAM

This tool allows users to store, convert and distribute powerpoint presentations to a wide range of web properties.

It also allows you to embed your presentations on your website and blogs and even upload them as videos on YouTube.

11. Empressr

Empressr gives you a wide range of media that you can use in your presentation inorder to engage and captivate your audience.

You can share your presentations on a wide variety of social media sites, and you can also embed your presentations on your website.

This is a web-based app allowing any computer with Internet connectivity to use its features. There are currently no mobile apps available.

12. HelloSlide

HelloSide allows you to create a presentation from a previously created presentation on powerpoint. No design and tech skills are needed to make use of this tool.

It is a great tool for any learner who can create a PowerPoint presentation and wants to host and share the presentation on the web.

One of the features of HelloSlide which is helpful when building a presentation is its ability to add voice to the presentation and play the presentation with audio.

A downside to the tool is that it doesn’t provide user with slide templates

13. Jux

Jux isn’t a stepping stone landing page, but a full-on website builder for artists with a serious portfolio of multimedia worth sharing.

Jux is a great option for those of you still on the lookout for a blogging platform, or for anyone who simply wants to try something different.

The home page of your blog displays a grid of your posts. You can navigate between posts much like you would a slideshow, and the way in which photographs are displayed on Jux simply brings them to life.

14. Knovio

The program is immensely handy for educating customers about your products.

Knovio is the fastest, easiest, and most fun way to create personalized, illustrated multimedia stories using nothing more than a desktop, browser, mobile or tablet.

Knovio is packed with features that allow businesses to tell a story, throw a business pitch, or make a report with audio and video elements to make the process more powerful, memorable, and with a dash of personality.

15. myPlick

Myplick is a free service that lets you share, embed, and discover presentations and slide shows online.

Very similar to what Slideshare does.

Once a presentation is made, you will have the choice to either publicly share with everyone or only share it within a small private group.

If you need to add narration or sound effect to your presentation, you can upload an audio file and have the option to synchronize the audio with your slides using our online easy-to-use sync tool.

16. PresentMe is hard to compare with similar presentation software because it’s not exactly built for editing and creating presentations, but instead for presenting them to the public, which in and of itself is a nice feature.

The website is very easy to use, works quickly, and can be a nice addition to presentation creators so you have a free place to publish your presentations.

17. PreZentit

PreZentit is a community where you can create (alone or with others), share, and show your presentations.

With PreZentit, your presentations are always available, anywhere, anytime and from any place, for viewing or editing.

18. SlideBoom

SlideBoom is a free service for sharing PowerPoint presentations on the web.

Everyone can publish their slideshows for business, education, entertaining and just fun.

The membership is free. This tool is very effective and easy to use.

19. TimeGlider

Timeglider is a data-driven interactive timeline application.

You can create timelines about the last year of your family, the last century of world events, or about pre-historical (bce/bc) times.

You can zoom in to see ten minutes, or zoom out to see billions of years.

Being web-based, Timeglider lets you collaborate and share easily.

20. Vcasmo

Vcasmo is both an online video editor and slideshow tool. It is designed to display video alongside a PowerPoint slide show.

Vcasmo is a helpful tool for combining different aspects of media to create an online presentation.

Vcasmo can help you create a nice illustrative video mixing both videos and slideshows, documents, links and may more in the same video screen that is playing

21. Zentation

Webinars and webcasts are popular ways to engage with your audience online.

If you’re looking for a tool to help you create your next webinar, try Zentation.

The tool allows you to add voice-over narration while syncing with your powerpoint presentation.

You simply upload a powerpoint video, upload a video of the presenter and then sync the two files.

Once complete you can proceed and upload your video on YouTube.

22. Custom Show

It provides sharing capabilities, is cloud-based, can be used to truly customize presentations, helps with branding, integrates video incredibly well, and imports old powerpoints into the software.

It is incredibly useful with also viewing statistics on how prior presentations well. I think it’s slide library is its best feature.

23. Haiku Deck

I discovered Haiku Deck  from a podcast when I was researching presentation tools for iPad. No tech and design and tech skills to use this tool.

It’s easy enough to use and you should be able to master it in minutes. Offers you an assortment if professional designs and color schemes, giving you a polished and balanced presentations.

The tool is also accessible on the web and is free to use which includes six themes.

24. Slide Shark

SlideShark is the #1 app for showing PowerPoint from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch the way it was meant to be seen – with animations, fonts, colors, graphics, videos & hyperlinks intact.

Use SlideShark to download & show the presentation on your iOS device. Broadcast your presentation over the Web in real-time to meeting attendees no matter their device.

Share the presentation online via email or social media for on-demand viewing by others & track the viewing results.

25. Powtoon

The best tool you could possibly use to create animated presentations and videos is PowToon.

Not every presentation has to be stiff and rigid, add some animation to your next presentation and engage your audience.

This tool allows you to create a wide range of animated content, website presentations, product demos, and how-to videos. A definite must try!

26. Media Shout

MediaShout is worship presentation software that helps you easily present your ministry messages. Use MediaShout to display the words to your church worship service.

There are numerous bible editions available, songs, etc. Moving items around is a breeze.

I highly recommend MediaShout to any church who is looking to project their service.

27. Kineticast

KinetiCast’s online presentation software helps business professionals better reach their prospects by enabling them to easily create, email and track multimedia presentations.

Advanced analytic features then allow users to track who opened the presentation, how many times it was viewed, how long it was viewed and whether it was forwarded.

This helps gauge interest levels and prioritize follow-up communications.

28. Visme

If you’re looking for a tool that will present your ideas in a beautiful way then Visme is the perfect option.

You can create a wide range of presentations on their cloud-based platform from infographics, slides, product demos, wireframes etc.

All you need is to select a template, with their drag and drop editor add content, and finally customize the presentation to your desire.

The tool allows you to easily download your files offline, insert into your blog posts and share them online.


29. Knowledge Vision

With this tool presentations can be recorded with audio, video, and presentation capturing at the same time.

If you are looking for a system that will allow you to record webinars, training tips, or voice over presentations this is a great software for you.

It allows you to integrate the platform directly on your website and captures individual sessions seamlessly.

30. Go Animate

Another great tool designed to enable users to create Animated Videos.

The website is easy, intuitive and fast. The moment you start to create your first video an interactive tutorial pops up to guide you through each step.

You can create your own characters, choose from several templates, or import your own.

31. Canva

I cannot get enough of Canva, I love it so much not to mention I use it every day.

Canva is more than just a presentation tool, armed with lots of templates you can choose from.  Equipping you to design your next presentation.

With a wide selection of free stock images to choose from, design elements such as icons and shapes your creativity is the limit of what you can achieve with this tool.

Design infographics, wireframes, business presentation, company profiles, brochures, product catalogs, eBooks, Fliers, etc.

32. Camtasia

TechSmith’s Camtasia is the go-to program for software demonstrators to a full-featured education/information video tool.

If you watch a YouTube video explaining how to edit in Photoshop, write in Word, or do anything else in a program, that video was very likely created with Camtasia Record.

This tool allows you to display several video windows in a single screen and have them play at the same time.

Camtasia’s new capture engine is optimized for high-definition video, and can now record at 30 frames per second.

33. Camstudio

CamStudio is an open-source screencasting program for Microsoft Windows released as free software.

The software renders videos in an AVI format. It can also convert these AVIs into Flash Video format, embedded in SWF files.

CamStudio also offers sound recording with interleave capability, and an auto-pan feature makes video recording follow the mouse cursor.

34. Slidesnack

SlideSnack is a presentation sharing tool that enables you to easily upload and share presentations online.

You have several templates to choose from with great slide transitions and easy to customize templates, all to help you engage your audience.

You can also record your comments or notes and make a slidecast (presentation + voice).


35. Articulate Presenter

A simple tool that will make your powerpoint presentations come alive.

I like that I can start with a simple PowerPoint presentation and make it come alive with the many functions available with the tool. You can add a quiz, add interaction etc.

Articulate Presenter also lets you add other media such as embedded web content. Most important is the support for interactive Flash SWF files.

36. Windows Movie Maker

You probably didn’t think of this tool, did you?

Windows’ included video editing software is all about simplicity: There’s really no simpler way to combine your clips into digital movies with titles, transitions, background music, and effects.

37. Slideshare

Been around for a minute now, but let’s be honest we all don’t make use of it enough. For those of you who’ve never heard of the tool, it’s a presentation discovery and sharing platform for slides, infographics, documents and more.

Features such as comments and likes make it very attractive because people can easily engage and share the content that you post on the platform.

Accepted files include Powerpoint, PDF, Keynote, and OpenDocument.

38. Visual Bee

Visual Bee is a PowerPoint plug-in—accessible from PowerPoint’s interface. Visual Bee visually enhances PowerPoint presentations in a few clicks.

VisualBee can’t save anyone from giving a boring PowerPoint presentation, but it can help the artistically-challenged spruce up the look of their slides.

39. Google Slides

Google Slides are part of Google Drive’s productivity suite.

This cloud-based app allows you to work on your presentations from any device, mobile, tablet, or desktop, anywhere in the world.

This simple tool allows you to easily access your presentations online, download them offline and share them with your team members.

40. Projeqt

Projeqt will make your next presentation more dynamic by adding tweets, blog feeds, an interactive map, audio notes and stream videos.

This free tool converts your static powerpoint presentations, into dynamic experiences. Projeqt presentations are viewable on mobile devices and can be embedded on any website.

You sign up for free using Facebook and Twitter.

41. Emaze

Emaze lets you create presentations that are visually unique and that keep your audience engaged.

This tool offers numerous default templates that I can customize to my needs. While it is slide-based, it’s more artistic than a simple PowerPoint.

Images and text are dynamically layered on top of one another, and there are many attractive fonts to choose from.

42. Preseria

A web application for organizing your conference and inviting speakers to upload their presentations.

Preseria Conference is:

  • A web application for organizing your conference and inviting speakers to upload their presentations.
  • A desktop software that downloads and executes the presentations seamlessly.
  • A publishing solution for easy web-publishing of conference presentations.

43. Proclaim

Another great chirch service presentation software.

Built with the church in mind, presentation options include importing from Elvanto and Planning Center Online.

Media sources are equally ministry minded, with links to materials from Ministry Channels and church media providers.

44. Reallusion

Reallusion manages to find the balance between appealing to the hobbyist and the professional by making sure their software advanced and deep enough for users to grow into.

One consistent theme in all of their products it’s one of making it easier and more fun for consumers to create their own media.

45. Focusky

Focusky is an innovative zooming presentation creating & sharing platform and create amazing presentations and animated videos.

The ability to catalog all presentations that you have worked on as well as the social media integration allows you to share projects from work with friends and family.

It gives you the ability to add finishing touches on an already finished power point and make it look better before presenting.

46. Pitcherific

How do you make a good pitch?

Pitching ideas is not easy, Pitcherific promises to improve your pitch with templates, timer, and teleprompter.

Designed for job seekers and business professionals looking to leave an impression with their pitch. Indicate how long you want your pitch to and start writing.

Convince with and without slides.It’s pitch training tools help startups, businesses, students and job seekers prepare effective pitches for any situation.

47. Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice is a new free app designed for iPad that lets you create quick and professional-looking presentations.

All you have to do is record your voice, add images, words, or icons, and Adobe Voice does the rest. You don’t need any tech and design skills to you this app.

You can create videos in minutes, by recording your voice, choose from thousands of images and looks and Adobe Voice automatically produces the video using camera-quality animation.


Over To You,

No more excuses, try any of these tools and take your next presentation from average to a wow piece.

Powerpoint is great but you now know their plenty of other options to choose from.

My advice, pick the one that fits your needs. Some have their advantages and disadvantages while others are perfect for a certain audience.

Figure out what works for you and your company and stick to it.

Was this article helpful?

Do you know of any other presentation tools that I haven’t mentioned above?

Would you like to be featured in my next blog post?

As always, I would love to hear from you. Please do leave a comment below. Drop me an email at [email protected]  tell me a little bit about yourself or your business. You can also send your comments to [email protected]

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  1. An impressive list, but don’t forget, just changing tools may not be the answer.
    I am well known for my reputation for hating slide shows that fail to arouse any feeling or emotion, irrespective of the format.
    Anyone, vendor, potential staff, or team who fires up a slide s deck is already standing at the ext door, they have an uphill battle to win me from that point.
    Slidedecks have a role, as a support medium, but please, don’t make them the STAR of the show, and what ever else you do don’t drone on reading what you have written on your slides. Surprising as it may seem, I can read too.

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